Toastmaster Judy’s meeting doubled as a food drive, in celebration with the Thanksgiving spirit.   Judy ran the meeting in such a way that everyone was required to speak about what they are grateful for.  Thank you Maureen for the organizing the food drive, a brilliant idea that we should continue as a yearly tradition.

Both speakers did an excellent performance of  “Persuading with Power” Lucy about the contributions of immigrants, Connie’s about the contributions and benefits of toastmasters.  Laura and Chris accomplished the difficult task of evaluating these two speeches with helpful detailed observations and pointers.

Building on the theme, Table topics master Maureen’s word of the day was “Grateful”, Chris took the prize with his gratefulness on being an American.

The following meetings are cancelled:
November 26
December 24, 31

The following slate of candidates for office was approved.
1.       President                             Chris Foley
2.      VP of Education                Judy Castellon/Binh Nguyen   (Co VP of Education)
3.      VP of Membership            Rocki Chaparro
4.      VP of PR                             Sam Wong/Maureen Bastedenbeck (Co VP of PR)
5.      Secretary/Treasurer          Connie Vieira (with the stipulation the General Evaluator of the Day prepares the recap)
6.      Sgt. At Arms                       David Tabora

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