Theme: Summer

The meeting started with an invitation for everyone to enjoy some “victory” pizza provided by the gracious members of Team Rocky who came in a close second to team MO in our recent membership drive contest. Congratulations to all, our club is the real winner of all the efforts of so many people working together to help us grow. In fact we had Lilia Vasquez, our newest member, and also Edrees Argand, a soon to be member, in attendance. Welcome to the Club!

Sam was our Toastmaster for the day and was able to inform us of many fun facts about summertime. Who knew that the inventor of the “Frisbee” was a pie maker named Frisbee or that mosquitoes are 30,000,000 years old? He did a wonderful job of introducing the speakers and running a smooth meeting.

Jon Colton was our first speaker and though a newer member is already speaking quite well. He cautioned us that “What you thought you know may not be so…” and related a personal account of overcome a long held erroneous belief. John held that Chiropractors were “quacks” until one helped him with a painful foot pain. He encouraged us that if we are in pain “Go see a quack!”! Great job Jon!

Lucy was our second speaker. She is beginning her Advanced Speaker series “The Persuasive Speaker”. Lucy had the task of selling an expensive product to a customer. Rocki did a great job assisting Lucy as the customer. Lucy began by reminding us that we are always selling or buying something. The decision to buy an expensive item reflects on your judgement. Lucy, therefore, had to make Rocki comfortable in her decision to purchase a “stamp machine”. Lucy asked questions that drew out the needs of the customer, talked of the benefits of her product, and made the sale. Rocki played her part as the customer expertly. I think that she has some experience with sales people 😉 Good job both of you.

Rowena was the Table Topics master for today. She chose the topic of “Voting”, appropriate for this is the day of the primary election here. Rocki was called upon to talk about her preference for voting: Mail in or in person? Rocki claimed that she is lazy and so does the mail in voting, but, we know she is not lazy so it must be that she is efficient! Lavonne was asked to give us her opinion on those darned political phone calls. She told us she gets “soooooo many of them” that it is frustrating. I feel her pain. She is also a mail in voter but regrets that she will not be getting an “I Voted” sticker that you can get at the polling placesL  Both of our contestants urged everyone to vote! Our Table Topics winner for today was LavonneJ

Terry evaluated Jon and his speech. Terry is a connoisseur of laughter and pointed out that Jon used humor in his speech very well and we all agree to that. His allusion to how the “knee bones connected to the foot bone etc…” had me singing the song in my head all day.

Maureen (Champion Team Leader!) evaluated Lucy and had some good advice for her. She used the “sandwich” method to evaluate Lucy which is good form. Maureen is an expert sales person and we all learned from her evaluation of the cold call.

Sam kept the pace of the meeting going smoothly and as always was able to project a lighthearted atmosphere. Good job Sam.

President Foley ended the meeting by encouraging those who would like to serve on the board for the next six months to make it known to the leadership. The nominations are next week and we could use good help on the board. If you would like to retain your position on the board or if you would like to join the board please e-mail Chris Foley when you get the chance.

I love summertime!


Chris Foley