The meeting was opened with the salute to the flag by Sergeant at Arms, Lucy Kaye. She introduced our President, Chris Foley, who was also our Toastmaster of the day. The theme for the day was “Vacation” and Chris spoke about vacationing in 3 different countries.

Our first speaker, Maureen Bastedenbeck, spoke from the Successful Club Series on “Finding New Members for Your Club.” She presented much information and shared her ideas about bringing in guests who will become new members. As a mission for us, Maureen gave us fliers that we can use to familiarize people with Toastmasters.

Our second speaker, Sam Wong, spoke from the Entertaining Speaker Manual entitled “Trained to Fail.” He spoke of at least ten of his endeavors. He closed by encouraging us to fail because we will grow and expand! These are three suggestions: 1. Don’t avoid risk. 2. Leverage – use other people where you can’t do it yourself. You need others. 3. Stop, appreciate where you are and have fun with it.

Evaluator #1, Judy Castellon did a great job evaluating Maureen’s speech and giving some positive feedback.

Evaluator #2, Lucy Kaye evaluated Sam’s speech and gave some good suggestions and positive opinion of his speech.

Jonathan Colton was our Table Topics Master for the first time. He introduced the word “aphorism” and gave some examples before calling on Binh, Judy and Lucy to try to use the word “aphorism” in a sentence. Judy won the blue ribbon!

As there was not enough time the General Evaluator, Rowena, gave a very brief overview of the meeting.

The meeting was then returned to our president, Chris, who presented the following list of nominees for these offices:

President – Maureen Bastedenbeck

Vice President, Education – Chris Foley

Vice President, Membership – Jonathan Colton

Vice President, Public Relations – Sam Wong

Sergeant at Arms – Lucy Kaye

Secretary / Treasurer – Connie Vieira

Nominations from the floor will be accepted and the vote will be taken at the June 17, 2014 meeting.

With no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 1:00PM.

Rowena Donaldson, General Evaluator

P. S. I didn’t have an opportunity during my General Evaluator report to say this: In my opinion, we need to be time conscious, as our meetings have been running overtime regularly. A few months ago, a suggestion was made that the Timer give a 2 minute warning at 12:53PM, so we can wrap-up the meeting on time. Some of the city employees and other TLC members need to return to work. Other members, if they choose, can talk after the meeting is over. When I joined the club, our meetings were to end promptly at 12:55PM. This hasn’t been happening lately.