Present at the June 17, 2014 meeting of the Tracy Toastmaster club were the following members: Edrees Argand, Rowena Donaldson, Terry Lee Donaldson, Rocki Chaparro,Judy Castellon, Sam Wong, Lavonne Catron,and  Maureen Bastedenbeck.

Our meeting started on time at 12:05 noon. Sergeant at Arms opened with pledge and introduced our President, Chris Foley. At 12:06, Chris took the stage and briefly did some unfinished work concerning the nomination process of last week. In agreement, the nominees were once again listed and question was asked if there were any additional nominees to add? It was agreed upon that there was no new name. Judy Castellon moved to accept the nominees for the next term. It was seconded by Maureen Bastedenbeck and voted upon. With that, Chris gave us a brief history about our club, where we are , where we are headed and the work ahead to increase our growth in membership. Going forward, the goal is invite, invite and grow and grow if we are to make an impact for our city in developing and building new leaders for the Tracy of tomorrow.


Our newest member, Edrees Argand did a great job as Toastmaster of the day; for a first time, he came prepared and relaxed. Like an expert, there was calmness as he demonstrated his leadership ability. Way to go Edrees!


The statement; “It is never a dull moment at a Toastmaster club, that statement came yesterday. Yesterday, we had no speaker, but as always, the meeting was a success as our table topic leader Terry Lee Donaldson took the stage with her Sparkleness all over in the conference with the word of the day being “Water.” What I saw amazing about the word of the day was how it was coined by both our toastmaster of the day and the table topic leader; yes, they both decided to talk about the important of water.

Due to time on hand, we had more participants: Rowena Donaldson, Binh Nguyen, Sam Wong, Chris Foley and Maureen Bastedenbeck; and the winner was Binh. I think they were all winners because they brought so much to the table concerning our water crises in California. Congratulations to all of you.

Our grammarian, and Ah -Counter was Sam Wong, who approached the subject differently. This time, he went beyond not only focusing on our use of crushing words, but on our growth. He commented using phrases like; ” we are growing, there is more the listeners want out of the speaker, there is confident; for that we say hats off to our growth!  Our Timer and vote Counter was Rowena Donaldson who always does a great job.

Reminder, next week is our open house and we want a full house. Please everyone contact, make contact with our formal visitors, pass the word around, “Tracy Leadership wants to make an impact in our community, we have the cure, that is we can with the help of everyone; make a public speaker our of anyone who dares to try. The meeting came to an end at 12:55pm.

Did you know that there are people who are working behind the doing all they can about our water crises? Did you know that our engineers are re-engineering the pipelines? Those colorful pipelines we see are not for beautifying! Did you know that it’s not so much about water but, the cost at the marketplace that most people are concerned about?

Respectfully submitted

Lucy Kaye

General Evaluator of the day.