February 25, 2014

Attendees: Binh, Chris, Connie, David, Judy, Laura, LaVonne, Lucy, Raj, Rocki, Rowena, Terry, Ruth, and Sam


David called our meeting to order on time and introduced Chris to begin the meeting as President.  After greeting us, Chris passed the meeting on to Binh, who was the Toastmaster for the day with the theme of “persistence.”

David was our first speaker, giving speech #4 from the Competent Communicator Manual – How to Say It.  His speech title was “The Pyramid of Success and Its Foundation.”  He spoke about his mentor, John Wooden – UCLA basketball coach, and John’s pyramid of success.  With the handout that was passed out, David went over specific aspects of the pyramid that he wanted to emphasize and how John Wooden has used the pyramid to coach his teams and also wants his player to apply the pyramid in their own lives.

Chris was our second speaker, giving speech #10 from the Competent Communicator Manual – Inspire Your Audience.  His speech title was “Growth.”  Chris spoke about the Nature of Change and the Power of Er.  He mentioned how living things grow and measuring growth can be done by seeking out opportunities.  The Power of Er was stated as someone wanting to be happier, healthier, etc.  He then encouraged all of us to take a leadership role in the club as another way to grow.  We can read books about swimming, but until someone actually swims, one won’t become a swimmer.  The same can be said for public speaking.  With this speech, Chris has now completed his Competent Communicator Manual.  Congratulations Chris!!

Lucy and Judy evaluated our speakers respectively.  They both used the sandwich method: compliment, constructive suggestion on how to improve, and finishing with a positive comment.

Laura was our Table Topics Master and used the word persistence.  She asked each speaker to tell us how persistence helped them achieve a personal goal.  She called upon Sam, Rocki, and Raj. Sam won when he spoke about goals for his children.

Terry was the timer for the day and LaVonne was the grammarian.

There were some suggestions that were mentioned at the meeting for us to become more efficient.  If a speaker has a handout that should be passed out to the audience, make sure it’s done before the meeting begins or have someone else assist in passing out the information. Timing begins when the speaker begins to speak.  When shaking hands to turn over the meeting to the next person, the person leaving the lectern walks behind the person coming up to take over the meeting.  Also, we are supposed to clap until the next person taking over the meeting reaches the lectern.  If possible, sit towards the front of the room if you have a role that requires you to walk up to the lectern.

Reminder: Dues for the next six months are due.  The total is $40 ($36 going to Toastmasters International and $4 for club dues).  Please make your check payable to TLC or Tracy Leadership Club.