Attending Members: Judy Castellon, Maureen Bastedenbeck, Lucy Kay, David Tabora, Rajan Varadharajan, LaVonne Catron, Sam Wong, Chris Foley, Binh Nguyen, Rocki Chaparro, Connie Vieira.

The meeting started on time with the Sergeant of  Arms David Tabora, leading us in The Pledge of Allegiance and introduction of President Chris Foley. Chris introduced the Toastmaster of the day Judy Castellon.

Maureen Bastedenbeck was Timer/Vote Counter and Lucy Kay was Grammarion.

David Tabora was Speaker #1 and fulfilled # 5 in the C.C. Manual,  Your Body Speaks. A lot of good points on “The Practice of a Good Listener and Conversationalist .”

Up next was Rajan Varadharajan as Speaker #2. His speech was from the C.C.  Manual-2- Organize Your Speech. Title of Speech,  “Driving in The Rain”. Very interesting !

Judy Castellon was also our Word of the Day/Table Topics person of the day, as Terry Lee Donaldson had an emergency situation and couldn’t do her roll. Judy did a great job. Rocki Chapparo won the Ribbon for her Word of the Day speech.

Sam Wong was Evaluator for David Tabora, Speaker #1, while Chris Foley was Evaluator  for Rajan Varadharajan who was Speaker #2. LaVonne Catron was the GeneraEvaluator.

Everyone did great ! In closing Judy Castellon passed the meeting over to the President Chris Foley.

PS. I’d like to remind every one to pay their Club Dues, if possible, That’s $40.00, Thank you.

Respectfully Submitted,
LaVonne Catron