Tracy Leadership Club Recap

TLC Toastmaster Meeting April 1, 2014 met in City Hall, Room #257.

Members present were: LaVonne Catron,  Binh  Nguyen, Judy Castellon, Sam Wong, Chris Foley, Lucy Kaye, Connie Vieira, Maureen Bastedenbeck, Rocki Chaparro, David Tabora, Terry Donaldson, Rowena Donaldson. Guests were: Jen Duffy, Chris Chaparro, James Kaye, Lucy Ndeithi, Avtar Bansal and Ripon Bhatia.

Sergeant at Arms David Tabora called the meeting to order and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. President, Chris Foley, welcomed us and introduced Rocki Chaparro, who was presiding as Toastmaster of the Day. Our guests were introduced and welcomed.

The Toastmaster’s theme for the meeting was “April Fools Day – Fun Kick-off – No Foolin’.” Rocki had a fun time with today’s theme—she even told jokes! She had Sam Wong and Chris Foley describe their roles as Timer and Grammarian/Ah Counter respectively. Both pros did a great job, as usual. It is always helpful when each of us is singled out and in the report reminded about our crutch words that we use.

Maureen Bastedenbeck, Speaker #1, fulfilled Speech #7 from the Competent Communication Manual, Research Your Topic. Her speech was entitled “Foolin’ Around on April Fools Day?” She definitely researched the topic. She rarely had to look at her notes when she was sharing facts and dates. It was a very fun and informative speech.

David Tabora, Speaker #2, fulfilled Speech #6 from the Competent Communication Manual, Vocal Variety. His speech was titled “Toastmasters, An Opportunity To Improve.” We can see the improvement David has made during the last 6 months as a Toastmaster. A couple of examples are his volume and slowing down as he speaks, which are important for people like me with hearing challenges.

Rocki made an announcement that Charter Member Judy Castellon turned in her letter of resignation and this would be her last meeting. As we all sat there in shock and disbelief with tears forming, Rocki yelled “April Fools” which brought laughter and relief. PHEW! After we were composed, she introduced Judy as the Table Topics Master. The word of the day was “Foolish.” Connie, Binh and Terry answered the questions. Binh won after relating his prank regarding “I Don’t Know.”

General Evaluator, Rowena, called up Lucy Kaye who evaluated Maureen’s speech and Binh who evaluated David’s speech. Both did excellent evaluations with positive feedback, as well as making a few suggestions.  Rowena thanked those who brought refreshments to our FUN meeting.

President, Chris Foley, made a few announcements. Everyone was encouraged to bring guests this month.

Respectfully submitted,

Rowena Donaldson