1ST SPEAKER: Lucy Kaye did Assignment 1 -Mastering the Toast from Special Occasion Speeches (2008-07). She gave a toast to her husband James Kaye who she explained is a humanitarian, true-hero, husband and friend. He is earning a diploma in the near future! An area of improvement is to better highlight the occasion but it was a persuasive speech because of the many details given.

2ND SPEAKER: Chris Foley, according to Easy-speak, did Assignment 2 – Organize Your Speech from the Competent Communication Manual (I suspect this was misreported). He titled it “Don’t Panic, Prepare.” He gave us tips on how to give a speech with little time for preparation. Just one of the keys he mentioned was to know the audience and tailor the information and delivery of the speech accordingly. It was a great topic because we all most likely in the future be in such a predicament.

Everybody got a chance to speak and/or lead at the meeting thanks to Toastmaster Binh Nguyen’s effort.

I noticed that the quantity of filler words used at the meeting fluctuates and never is perfect. I believe the club could do better and could see the club averaging 4 or 5 consistently.

Let’s all continue to keep in mind that the meetings are a time for skill improvement and the habits that we develop are not to be solely used at the meetings. It will be incredibly beneficial to implement the strategies and techniques we learn in all our activities. We need to manually put in effort until they become a habit, it’s always hard at first but it gets much easier the benefits last a lifetime. I expect excellence from the members who speak during the meetings because who we are and what we’ve done.

We had a guest at the meeting, Carla Thatcher, this is her second time attending. Keep up the great recruiting effort TLC! it’s a challenge to recruit members because of the meeting time but the continuation of this effort will produce results. Team Maureen and Team Rocki are both tied at 30!

On a personal note May 6th was my last meeting. I accepted a temporary job working for a company called UPS (United Steel Products) in Livermore as a Machine Operator. My time at TLC has been a privilege and delightful experience. I needed a place to practice and the meetings provided that. Thank you all for being friendly, kind and supportive to me. Out of everything I will miss you all the most. What a great culture to be part of! I will continue to practice and develop the strategies and techniques wherever life takes me.

Regards for you all,

David Tabora

Toastmaster – Binh Nguyen
Timer and Vote Counter – Jonathan Colton
Grammarian/Ah-Counter: Maureen Bastedenbeck (Substitute for Rowena Donaldson)
1st Speaker: Lucy Kaye
2nd Speaker: Chris Foley
Table Topics Master – Sam Wong
General Evaluator – David Tabora
1st Evaluator – Connie Vieria
2nd Evaluator – Terry Donaldson