On this day we recognized several achievers in the club. The following people were recognized because they have completed courses from the Toastmasters learning curriculum, they were: Maureen Bastedenbeck, Terry Lee Donaldson, Binh Nguyen, Lucy Kaye, and Sofia Valenzuela.

The 1st Speaker was Connie Vieira and she completed Project 3 from the Competent Communication Manual. Her speech was titled Evaluations and she gave us multiple ideas on how to give effective evaluations. Her speech was evaluated by Laura Smith.

The 2nd Speaker was Judy Castellon and she completed Project 10 from the Competent Communication Manual. Her speech was titled The Distinguished Club Program. She informed the members of the club’s goal to become distinguished and the remaining steps needed for its achievement. Her Speech was evaluated by Maureen Bastedenbeck.

The Table Topic Master was Sam Wong who asked members to speak on a legacy they desire to leave behind. Binh Nguyen, Lavonne Catron and Rocki Chaparro shared with us their aspirations.

If a member would like to know how to give effective evaluations or gain knowledge on the unmet criteria for TLC to become a distinguished club they could contact Connie Vieira and Judy Castellon.

Some key ideas to take away from the meeting were:
1. When critiquing speeches we must do it in a way that is received well and builds the speaker up.
2. To become a distinguished club some remaining things we have to accomplish are recruit three more members, complete two more Competent Communicator Manuals and one more Competent Leadership Manual. We can do it!
3. Let’s strive to accomplish things of worth and leave legacies that will truly make a difference.

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