Sergeant of Arms, David, started the meeting with the pledge to the flag. President Chris
Foley welcomed us. Then he passed the gravel to Lucy Kay, Toastmaster ofthe day.

Our first speaker was Terry Donaldson, she spoke from the CC manual, #2, Organize
Your Speech. She had a very interesting speech about dismantling her house, the
demolition team -removing different materials.

Our second speaker, also our Guest speaker was Christina Frankel, who spoke on
“Living Green”, we learned a lot from your speech, Christina!

Table Topic Master was Binh Nguyen, Rowena Donaldson won the ribbon of the day.

David Tabora was Timer and Vote Counter. Maureen Bastedenbeck was our
Grammarian! Ah Counter. LaVonne was The General Evaluator.

Chris Foley was First Evaluator, he evaluated Terry Donaldson.

This was a great meeting, everyone did so well !!

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