TOASTMASTER – Chris Foley                  

Chris reminded us how important it is to recharge your body and brain on a daily basis.  He had the group participate in an exercise to move our heads in a way to reduce tension.  Chris also had some special quotes, and here is a sample;

“A fresh mind keeps the body fresh.  Take in the ideas of the day, drain off those of yesterday.  As to the morrow, time enough to consider it when it becomes today.”

I’ve attached a copy of his article for your reference.

1st SPEAKER – Chestene Dean

This was Chestene’s first speech, Competent Communication Manual 1, The Ice Breaker, titled Stepping out in Faith.  Chestene shared her life story beginning with her childhood, growing up in Culver City and Palmdale California, her family ties to the fabulous studio/movie era, her four extraordinary successful careers, personal health issues, and most of all, her faith in life.  She brought pictures and books to share.  Great job Chestene, we are so blessed to have you in our club!

1st EVALUATOR – Connie Vieira

Connie praised Chestene for a great icebreaker speech and how she had her notes for reference but did not read them.  Chestene had a beginning, middle, and end to her story and it flowed smoothly.  A couple suggestions for next time; don’t walk away from the lectern, allow the Toastmaster to come to you and shake your hand; do not thank the audience, as it is a privilege for the audience to listen to your story and we thank you.

2nd SPEAKER – LaVonne Catron

Lavonne spoke for Competent Communication Manual 8, Get Comfortable With Visual Aids, titled My Cake Decorating Challenge.  LaVonne did an amazing demonstration of how to separate an egg yolk/white.  She cracked an egg, putting the yolk on a “colorful” plate, then squeezed/pressed an empty 16oz water bottle on the yolk, and it sucked it up into the bottle.  Chris was assisting her and he tried it too.  Wow!

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