Present were: Binh Nguyen, Chris Foley, Dave Tabora, Judy Castellon, Laura Smith, LaVonne Catron, Lucy Kaye, Maureen Bastedenbeck, Rocki Chaparro, Rowena Donaldson, Sam Wong, Terry Donaldson, and guest Rajan Varadharajan.

Sergeant at Arms David Tabora called the meeting to order and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. President Chris Foley welcomed us and introduced Maureen Bastedenbeck, who was presiding as Toastmaster of the Day. Her theme of the day was “momentum.” She recommended that we don’t start from scratch every New Year but capitalize on our accomplishments and keep the momentum growing! Our guest – Raj – was introduced and welcomed as our newest member!

Lucy Kaye was Timer / Vote Counter and LaVonne Catron was Grammarian.

They worked hard at their duties but never got the opportunity to report. (Explanation later.)

Sam Wong, Speaker #1, fulfilled #5 in the Persuasive Speaking Advanced Manual: The Persuasive Leader. The title of his speech was: “Hands up for Table Topics.” He gave us pointers on how to be more effective as the Table Topics Master and suggestions on how to embrace the opportunity of being chosen to participate as an impromptu speaker! Great job!

Binh Nguyen, Speaker #2, presented from the Successful Club Series Advanced Manual: “Moments of Truth.” He mentioned Martin Luther King, Jr.’s most memorable speech, “I have a dream.” Binh recommended that we view Simon Sinek’s presentation on TED entitled, “How great leaders inspire action.” Binh explained about the Golden Circle and said that the “WHY” is what motivates people to follow great leaders. We even got introduced to the Neocortex and Limbic parts of our brains! A set of power point slides illustrated key points that Toastmasters International wants all clubs to address.

Binh put some thought into this presentation as he collaborated with Judy Castellon who tied the Table Topics to this speech! We were divided into pairs and given an assignment from the worksheet. Chris Foley spoke about “First Impressions.” Raj Varadharajan spoke about “Membership Orientation.” LaVonne Catron spoke about “Fellowship, Variety and Communication.” Laura Smith spoke about “Program Planning and Meeting Organization.” Terry Donaldson spoke about “Membership Strength.” Maureen Bastedenbeck spoke about “Achievement Recognition.” Great suggestions and ideas from all of the T. T. speakers.

General Evaluator, Terry Donaldson, realizing that there was not going to be adequate time to wrap up the meeting properly, asked the evaluators (David Tabora for Sam Wong’s speech and Rowena Donaldson for Binh Nguyen’s) to talk with the speakers later. Likewise, the Timer (Lucy Kaye) and the Grammarian (LaVonne Catron) were thanked for doing their jobs, but were not asked to give their respective reports. Terry Donaldson only made simple remarks about the meeting and promised to include her Evaluation of the Meeting in the Recap. (See below.)

Maureen Bastedenbeck wrapped up the meeting, reminding us about “Momentum.” President Chris Foley asked for announcements. Judy Castellon’s daughter will be having surgery next week, so Judy will be in Oklahoma City taking care of her daughter and grandchild. Responsibilities for next meeting were covered and Lucy Kaye volunteered to replace Judy as Toastmaster of the Day.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry Donaldson