During the meeting, we had a guess who found us on the new website. He came and was very pleased with our awesome club.

Chris gave a speech on how we are addicted to electronics. How we check our phone 150 time a day and that it take about 72 hours to detox our addiction to electronics.

Rocki gave a very cute speech as she show us our favorite pets of our club member and look alike pet and their owners.

LaVonne was toastmaster of the day and the theme was mirror mirror where she gave us a story to two dog in a room of mirrors.

One was very happy and the other was very angry due to how their expression is reflecting back from the mirror as they enter the room.

We had two evaluator Binh and Connie both doing awesome sandwich work.

I was the general evaluator and suggested to the table topic master to NOT ask for volunteer or permission.

Sam Wong

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