Present at the June 17, 2014 meeting of the Tracy Toastmaster club were the following members: Edrees Argand, Rowena Donaldson, Terry Lee Donaldson, Rocki Chaparro,Judy Castellon, Sam Wong, Lavonne Catron,and  Maureen Bastedenbeck.

Our meeting started on time at 12:05 noon. Sergeant at Arms opened with pledge and introduced our President, Chris Foley. At 12:06, Chris took the stage and briefly did some unfinished work concerning the nomination process of last week. In agreement, the nominees were once again listed and question was asked if there were any additional nominees to add? It was agreed upon that there was no new name. Judy Castellon moved to accept the nominees for the next term. It was seconded by Maureen Bastedenbeck and voted upon. With that, Chris gave us a brief history about our club, where we are , where we are headed and the work ahead to increase our growth in membership. Going forward, the goal is invite, invite and grow and grow if we are to make an impact for our city in developing and building new leaders for the Tracy of tomorrow.


Our newest member, Edrees Argand did a great job as Toastmaster of the day; for a first time, he came prepared and relaxed. Like an expert, there was calmness as he demonstrated his leadership ability. Way to go Edrees!


The statement; “It is never a dull moment at a Toastmaster club, that statement came yesterday. Yesterday, we had no speaker, but as always, the meeting was a success as our table topic leader Terry Lee Donaldson took the stage with her Sparkleness all over in the conference with the word of the day being “Water.” What I saw amazing about the word of the day was how it was coined by both our toastmaster of the day and the table topic leader; yes, they both decided to talk about the important of water.

Due to time on hand, we had more participants: Rowena Donaldson, Binh Nguyen, Sam Wong, Chris Foley and Maureen Bastedenbeck; and the winner was Binh. I think they were all winners because they brought so much to the table concerning our water crises in California. Congratulations to all of you.

Our grammarian, and Ah -Counter was Sam Wong, who approached the subject differently. This time, he went beyond not only focusing on our use of crushing words, but on our growth. He commented using phrases like; ” we are growing, there is more the listeners want out of the speaker, there is confident; for that we say hats off to our growth!  Our Timer and vote Counter was Rowena Donaldson who always does a great job.

Reminder, next week is our open house and we want a full house. Please everyone contact, make contact with our formal visitors, pass the word around, “Tracy Leadership wants to make an impact in our community, we have the cure, that is we can with the help of everyone; make a public speaker our of anyone who dares to try. The meeting came to an end at 12:55pm.

Did you know that there are people who are working behind the doing all they can about our water crises? Did you know that our engineers are re-engineering the pipelines? Those colorful pipelines we see are not for beautifying! Did you know that it’s not so much about water but, the cost at the marketplace that most people are concerned about?

Respectfully submitted

Lucy Kaye

General Evaluator of the day.

The meeting was opened with the salute to the flag by Sergeant at Arms, Lucy Kaye. She introduced our President, Chris Foley, who was also our Toastmaster of the day. The theme for the day was “Vacation” and Chris spoke about vacationing in 3 different countries.

Our first speaker, Maureen Bastedenbeck, spoke from the Successful Club Series on “Finding New Members for Your Club.” She presented much information and shared her ideas about bringing in guests who will become new members. As a mission for us, Maureen gave us fliers that we can use to familiarize people with Toastmasters.

Our second speaker, Sam Wong, spoke from the Entertaining Speaker Manual entitled “Trained to Fail.” He spoke of at least ten of his endeavors. He closed by encouraging us to fail because we will grow and expand! These are three suggestions: 1. Don’t avoid risk. 2. Leverage – use other people where you can’t do it yourself. You need others. 3. Stop, appreciate where you are and have fun with it.

Evaluator #1, Judy Castellon did a great job evaluating Maureen’s speech and giving some positive feedback.

Evaluator #2, Lucy Kaye evaluated Sam’s speech and gave some good suggestions and positive opinion of his speech.

Jonathan Colton was our Table Topics Master for the first time. He introduced the word “aphorism” and gave some examples before calling on Binh, Judy and Lucy to try to use the word “aphorism” in a sentence. Judy won the blue ribbon!

As there was not enough time the General Evaluator, Rowena, gave a very brief overview of the meeting.

The meeting was then returned to our president, Chris, who presented the following list of nominees for these offices:

President – Maureen Bastedenbeck

Vice President, Education – Chris Foley

Vice President, Membership – Jonathan Colton

Vice President, Public Relations – Sam Wong

Sergeant at Arms – Lucy Kaye

Secretary / Treasurer – Connie Vieira

Nominations from the floor will be accepted and the vote will be taken at the June 17, 2014 meeting.

With no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 1:00PM.

Rowena Donaldson, General Evaluator

P. S. I didn’t have an opportunity during my General Evaluator report to say this: In my opinion, we need to be time conscious, as our meetings have been running overtime regularly. A few months ago, a suggestion was made that the Timer give a 2 minute warning at 12:53PM, so we can wrap-up the meeting on time. Some of the city employees and other TLC members need to return to work. Other members, if they choose, can talk after the meeting is over. When I joined the club, our meetings were to end promptly at 12:55PM. This hasn’t been happening lately.

Theme: Summer

The meeting started with an invitation for everyone to enjoy some “victory” pizza provided by the gracious members of Team Rocky who came in a close second to team MO in our recent membership drive contest. Congratulations to all, our club is the real winner of all the efforts of so many people working together to help us grow. In fact we had Lilia Vasquez, our newest member, and also Edrees Argand, a soon to be member, in attendance. Welcome to the Club!

Sam was our Toastmaster for the day and was able to inform us of many fun facts about summertime. Who knew that the inventor of the “Frisbee” was a pie maker named Frisbee or that mosquitoes are 30,000,000 years old? He did a wonderful job of introducing the speakers and running a smooth meeting.

Jon Colton was our first speaker and though a newer member is already speaking quite well. He cautioned us that “What you thought you know may not be so…” and related a personal account of overcome a long held erroneous belief. John held that Chiropractors were “quacks” until one helped him with a painful foot pain. He encouraged us that if we are in pain “Go see a quack!”! Great job Jon!

Lucy was our second speaker. She is beginning her Advanced Speaker series “The Persuasive Speaker”. Lucy had the task of selling an expensive product to a customer. Rocki did a great job assisting Lucy as the customer. Lucy began by reminding us that we are always selling or buying something. The decision to buy an expensive item reflects on your judgement. Lucy, therefore, had to make Rocki comfortable in her decision to purchase a “stamp machine”. Lucy asked questions that drew out the needs of the customer, talked of the benefits of her product, and made the sale. Rocki played her part as the customer expertly. I think that she has some experience with sales people 😉 Good job both of you.

Rowena was the Table Topics master for today. She chose the topic of “Voting”, appropriate for this is the day of the primary election here. Rocki was called upon to talk about her preference for voting: Mail in or in person? Rocki claimed that she is lazy and so does the mail in voting, but, we know she is not lazy so it must be that she is efficient! Lavonne was asked to give us her opinion on those darned political phone calls. She told us she gets “soooooo many of them” that it is frustrating. I feel her pain. She is also a mail in voter but regrets that she will not be getting an “I Voted” sticker that you can get at the polling placesL  Both of our contestants urged everyone to vote! Our Table Topics winner for today was LavonneJ

Terry evaluated Jon and his speech. Terry is a connoisseur of laughter and pointed out that Jon used humor in his speech very well and we all agree to that. His allusion to how the “knee bones connected to the foot bone etc…” had me singing the song in my head all day.

Maureen (Champion Team Leader!) evaluated Lucy and had some good advice for her. She used the “sandwich” method to evaluate Lucy which is good form. Maureen is an expert sales person and we all learned from her evaluation of the cold call.

Sam kept the pace of the meeting going smoothly and as always was able to project a lighthearted atmosphere. Good job Sam.

President Foley ended the meeting by encouraging those who would like to serve on the board for the next six months to make it known to the leadership. The nominations are next week and we could use good help on the board. If you would like to retain your position on the board or if you would like to join the board please e-mail Chris Foley when you get the chance.

I love summertime!


Chris Foley

Tracy Leadership Club Recap

Toastmasters Meeting May 20, 2014, Room 203 City Hall

Members present were: Binh Nguyen, Chris Foley, Connie Vieira, Judy Castellon, LaVonne Catron, Lucy Kaye, Maureen Bastedenbeck, Rocki Chaparro, Rowena Donaldson, Sam Wong and Terry Donaldson. Guests were: Lynda Mendoza, Juana Fonseca and Lilia Vazquez.

Our new Sergeant at Arms, Lucy Kaye, gave a tribute to our flag and our country and reflected on the plight of the woman in Sudan before asking us to join her for the Pledge of Allegiance. President Chris Foley welcomed us to “National Public Works Week”!! He introduced the guests and presented Judy Castellon, who was presiding as Toastmaster of the Day.

Judy recounted her luncheon experience: For her Birthday last week, her co-workers in the Tracy Police Department took her to lunch at Mandarin Villa. Just after the food was served, the officers received a call and left her alone at the table! There she sat, contemplating having to pay the entire bill after they abandoned her! They finally returned after apprehending three “alleged” perpetrators of a house invasion.

Connie Vieira, a management analyst with Public Works, gave a very engaging and informative speech about the Public Works in Tracy. She talked about the first thing she does when she wakes up. Like most of us, she flushes the toilet and turns on the water to wash her hands and face. The only time we think about the role that Public Works plays in those two steps is when they don’t work. She took us on a trip through her day – on the road, on the sidewalk, at a stop light, to a park, etc.

Connie introduced us to the myriad departments of public works which included signs, street lights, sports fields, parks, water features at parks, landscaping, 2 airports, Tracer buses, recycling, solid waste management, street sweepers, and more!! She announced that 648 street lights along the main thoroughfares will have new LED lights soon!! She concluded her speech by encouraging us to appreciate all that Public Works does behind the scenes to make Tracy run smoothly and look great.

The Table Topic Master was Chris Foley. He explained that even while vacationing, he is inspecting how other cities use signs and mark their roadways. Three examples of historical Public Works were cited: The Egyptian Pyramids, The Great Wall of China and The Erie Canal.

“Service” was the word of the day and Chris pointed out that the Police vehicles have “Service and Integrity” written on them. Terry Donaldson spoke about wanting Greg Frisbee to return to entertain at the Grand Theatre. Rowena Donaldson explained why she would prefer being a Policeman over a Fireman. LaVonne Catron told us that Yellowstone is her favorite National Park. Binh Nguyen answered that his “ideal park design” wouldn’t be a park, per se, but bike paths in a natural setting.

Rocki Chaparro evaluated Connie’s presentation. Always poised and prepared, Rocki did a great job! (This is a difficult role when the speaker that one is trying to evaluate has years of confidence propelling him or her!)

Sam Wong was Timer / Vote Counter and announced Terry Donaldson as winner of Table Topics. Binh Nguyen was Grammarian and said our crutch words of the day were AND and SO. They did great jobs, as usual.

Judy Castellon wrapped up the meeting, telling us about how to contact the City of Tracy to report problems, submit complaints and provide compliments. Visit and look at “Government Outreach.” Judy reminded us that there will not be a meeting next Tuesday because of the Memorial Day Weekend and the last week of school in Tracy. We will resume on June 3, 2014. She turned the meeting back to Chris Foley. It was adjourned at 12:57PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry Donaldson, General Evaluator, May 20, 2014

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Also, visit

1ST SPEAKER: Lucy Kaye did Assignment 1 -Mastering the Toast from Special Occasion Speeches (2008-07). She gave a toast to her husband James Kaye who she explained is a humanitarian, true-hero, husband and friend. He is earning a diploma in the near future! An area of improvement is to better highlight the occasion but it was a persuasive speech because of the many details given.

2ND SPEAKER: Chris Foley, according to Easy-speak, did Assignment 2 – Organize Your Speech from the Competent Communication Manual (I suspect this was misreported). He titled it “Don’t Panic, Prepare.” He gave us tips on how to give a speech with little time for preparation. Just one of the keys he mentioned was to know the audience and tailor the information and delivery of the speech accordingly. It was a great topic because we all most likely in the future be in such a predicament.

Everybody got a chance to speak and/or lead at the meeting thanks to Toastmaster Binh Nguyen’s effort.

I noticed that the quantity of filler words used at the meeting fluctuates and never is perfect. I believe the club could do better and could see the club averaging 4 or 5 consistently.

Let’s all continue to keep in mind that the meetings are a time for skill improvement and the habits that we develop are not to be solely used at the meetings. It will be incredibly beneficial to implement the strategies and techniques we learn in all our activities. We need to manually put in effort until they become a habit, it’s always hard at first but it gets much easier the benefits last a lifetime. I expect excellence from the members who speak during the meetings because who we are and what we’ve done.

We had a guest at the meeting, Carla Thatcher, this is her second time attending. Keep up the great recruiting effort TLC! it’s a challenge to recruit members because of the meeting time but the continuation of this effort will produce results. Team Maureen and Team Rocki are both tied at 30!

On a personal note May 6th was my last meeting. I accepted a temporary job working for a company called UPS (United Steel Products) in Livermore as a Machine Operator. My time at TLC has been a privilege and delightful experience. I needed a place to practice and the meetings provided that. Thank you all for being friendly, kind and supportive to me. Out of everything I will miss you all the most. What a great culture to be part of! I will continue to practice and develop the strategies and techniques wherever life takes me.

Regards for you all,

David Tabora

Toastmaster – Binh Nguyen
Timer and Vote Counter – Jonathan Colton
Grammarian/Ah-Counter: Maureen Bastedenbeck (Substitute for Rowena Donaldson)
1st Speaker: Lucy Kaye
2nd Speaker: Chris Foley
Table Topics Master – Sam Wong
General Evaluator – David Tabora
1st Evaluator – Connie Vieria
2nd Evaluator – Terry Donaldson

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Binh Nguyen, Chris Foley, Connie Vieira, Jonathan Colton, Judy Castellon, LaVonne Catron, Lucy Kaye, Maureen Bastedenbeck, Rowena Donaldson, Terry Lee Donaldson, Rocki Chaparro, David Tabora.  Also attending were Guest Speaker Stephanie Reyna-Hiestand and Margarita Canals, guest of Rowena.

The Sergeant At Arms, David, started the meeting on time with the Pledge of Allegiance.  In keeping with the theme of the day, Cross Cultural Communication, President Chris talked briefly about his mother who was born in Switzerland and then introduced the Toastmaster of the Day, Lucy, who was born in Liberia.  Lucy talked throughout the meeting about how different cultures cross not only at country borders but even within TLC club members and how we influence each other.

Ancillary duties were assigned to Terry as Timer and Vote Counter, Jonathan as Grammarian, Binh as Table Topic Master and Judy as General Evaluator (and writer of this recap) plus Chris as Speech Evaluator for Maureen.  This was Jon’s first opportunity to serve as Grammarian and he wore his listening ears well! Table Topic participants were Connie and David who spoke of their experiences with parents who were born outside the USA.  Connie won the vote but passed the ribbon on to David who also did an excellent job of impromptu speaking.

Today’s guest speaker, Stephanie Reyna-Hiestand, is the City of Tracy Water Resources Coordinator at the Waste Water Treatment Plant.  Her speech, titled Water Quality, Reuse and Waste, was entertaining and informative. We learned that the water which has been on earth since the beginning of time is all the water we will ever have!  Realizing the implications of that gives new meaning to thoughts of conservation and recycling.   Happily, Maureen’s speech, Commit to Conserve, gave us practical tips for being better stewards of our limited resources.  Maureen passed around 17 Water Conservation Tips and Tricks for us to take home and put into practice.  Both speakers gave polished presentations and inspired us with information relevant in today’s drought conditions.

The Toastmaster club year is quickly coming to an end as we function on a July 1 – June 30 timeframe.  We have already earned the Select Distinguished Award by achieving seven goals for a thriving Toastmaster Club; if we sign up four new members before June 30th we will earn the President’s Distinguished Award!  Maureen has been leading a campaign for membership and you have brought several visitors. TLC is a fun way to learn speaking, listening and leadership skills so continue to share the news with friends, family and coworkers. Speaking of membership campaign, TEAM ROCKI has 30 points and TEAM MAUREEN has 25 points! What’s the date for that pizza party?

As usual we have lingering questions on April 15 each year; such as, “did I put my taxes in the mail or did I not?” While it is true that most people are anxious to meet tax filing deadline today, our anxiety was not about taxes.  Our anxiety was about where our group would meet because the room normally reserved for our use was occupied by another organization. As our members and visitors began to show up, they are puzzled to find we could not use the room. To deal with the unfortunate situation, our leaders worked very effectively in locating a substitute room for the day’s meeting. A way to go, great leadership!

Due to the displacement situation, our meeting was 15 minutes delayed even though it was one of our most productive meetings. When we were settled into a room, our Sergeant at Arms, David Tabora led the pledge of Allegiance and introduced our President Chris Foley. Our President played the roles of both President and Toastmaster of the day. He created awareness by giving us a bit of history about April 15 and how taxes came about.  Chris played his roles very well. He was a talented and skillful leader.

The first speaker of the day was our newest member, Jonathan Colton, doing his first Ice-Breaker, talking about himself in “Born there and never live there” from the Competent Communication Manual speech which kept the audience engaged. Jonathan showed us that we have a renowned traveler in our midst. Jonathan has now joined our fearless and bold speaker’s club. Once again, it was our pleasure having him as a speaker.

Our second speaker was Maureen Bastedenbeck. She persuaded the members in how to reach more fans on Facebook. She told us how to use the “Likes” function to grow our network and increase our exposure to other available tools. She walked us through a step by step check-in process using the apps on our cell phones. Right there 3 members who had their cell phones available began connection with the outside world. Thanks to Maureen for being very persuasive.

The Table topic master was Rocki Chaparro, who made us aware of how some of us use Procrastination, delay or postpone. She demonstrated her points by using three participants. The three participants were, Connie Vieira, Rowena Donaldson and Binh Nguyen.  Rocki posted different questions for each participant:  She asked each in the following way: To Connie, “Are you a list maker when it comes to procrastination?” To Binh, she said, “Are you Get up and Go?” And to Rowena, “What will you do if you were to win a million dollars?”

The winner for Table Topic was Connie who cited that the word of the day prepared her in making key decisions for life management. David Tabora was our Timer and Counter. He made sure all the minutes were accounted for. Thanks David. Lavonne Catron was our Grammarian. She captured our minds in reminding us of the “who and who’s” graduating from leaning on the crutching words. Thanks Lavonne, great job being our Ah-Counter of the day.

We had two visitors. Our returning visitor was Mary Dean and first time visitor was Tim Renner. The two were invited by Maureen Bastedenbeck who continues to live the dream of growing our membership. Way to go Maureen!

Even though we were 15 minutes short of time due to the room situation, it was a great meeting as always.

Respectfully submitted,

Lucy Kaye

General Evaluator of the day

Tracy Leadership Club Recap

Toastmasters Meeting April 8, 2014, Room 109 City Hall

Members present were: Binh Nguyen, Chris Foley, Connie Vieira, David Tabora, Jon Colton, Judy Castellon, Lucy Kaye, Maureen Bastedenbeck, Rocki Chaparro, Rowena Donaldson, Sam Wong, and Terry Donaldson. Guests were Mary Dean and Michele Edwards.

Sergeant at Arms David Tabora called the meeting to order and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. President Chris Foley welcomed us and introduced Connie Vieira, who was presiding as Toastmaster of the Day. Her theme of the day was “Today and this week in history.” Throughout the meeting, Connie informed us about very interesting events that occurred the first two weeks in April. Connie joined Toastmasters 6 years and 1 week ago on April Fools Day – April 1, 2008 – and she admits to being the “biggest fool.” She even cited that Rowena was born on April 10, 1923 – 91 years ago!!

Lucy Kaye was Timer / Vote Counter and Rowena Donaldson was Grammarian.

They did great jobs, as usual. Rowena let each of us know what crutch words or sounds we need to work on eliminating. (Uh . . . Whuddya mean?)

Binh Nguyen, Speaker #1, presented from the Facilitating Discussion Advanced Manual: “Robert’s Rules #1.” This is from a book that was first published in 1875. Connie Vieira and Judy Castellon helped Binh with this presentation with a script that Binh prepared. By a show of hands, we all learned something about parliamentary procedure.

Sam Wong, Speaker #2, fulfilled #1 in the Entertaining Speaker Advanced Manual: The Entertaining Speech. The title of his speech was: “To Toast or not to Toast.” He told us about his journey in Toastmasters. When he visited his first Toastmaster’s Club, he volunteered to speak during Table Topics and ended up comparing a dollar and a Big Mac. He can’t remember what he said but does remember the flock of butterflies in his tummy. Checking out the two clubs in Tracy, the 7AM meetings on Fridays were eliminated because Sam admitted he is a night owl.

He shared that this was his 26th speech! His journey includes what he has done with Easy-Speak and creating the new and improved Website. He told of his plans for the future. Not dreams but  plans!

The Table Topics were conducted by David Tabora. Judy Castellon explained that the ocean was her favorite place. She cited the sounds, smells, textures, temperature, beauty and feelings the ocean evokes. Rocki lit up when she talked about her favorite hobby: Shopping! She spoke about finding bargains and telling her husband about her “treasures.” Jon Colton was asked about his favorite book. He could remember back a couple of decades to High School!! On a Pale Horse was so significant, Jon described in detail why it was so memorable. (I had to look it up: On a Pale Horse is a fantasy novel by Piers Anthony, first published in 1983. It is the first of eight books in the Incarnations of Immortality series.)

Maureen Bastedenbeck, Evaluator of Binh’s speech, was sent the information ahead of time that she needed to use to evaluate the advanced speech. She found it difficult to analyze and evaluate the presentation based on the guidelines she received. She literally threw away the manual (yes!!) and gave her opinion on the “discussion” about following the 6 steps of processing a motion.

Chris Foley, Evaluator of Sam’s speech, complimented Sam on his passion and his confidence. Stating his goals make it happen because Sam now has a room full of accountability partners.

General Evaluator, Terry Donaldson, asked Lucy Kaye and Rowena Donaldson to give their respective reports. Lucy announced that Jon Colton was the winner of Table Topics. Recognizing that there was inadequate time for a thorough General Evaluator’s report, Terry Donaldson only made simple remarks about the meeting and promised to include her Evaluation of the Meeting in the Recap. (See below.)

Connie Vieira wrapped up the meeting, telling us about other moments in history. President Chris Foley asked for announcements. Maureen Bastedenbeck talked about using Facebook and our website to recruit new members. She will create a speech about that!! Responsibilities for next meeting were covered. Chris will check with those who were not in attendance about their roles next week.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry Donaldson

Tracy Leadership Club Recap

TLC Toastmaster Meeting April 1, 2014 met in City Hall, Room #257.

Members present were: LaVonne Catron,  Binh  Nguyen, Judy Castellon, Sam Wong, Chris Foley, Lucy Kaye, Connie Vieira, Maureen Bastedenbeck, Rocki Chaparro, David Tabora, Terry Donaldson, Rowena Donaldson. Guests were: Jen Duffy, Chris Chaparro, James Kaye, Lucy Ndeithi, Avtar Bansal and Ripon Bhatia.

Sergeant at Arms David Tabora called the meeting to order and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. President, Chris Foley, welcomed us and introduced Rocki Chaparro, who was presiding as Toastmaster of the Day. Our guests were introduced and welcomed.

The Toastmaster’s theme for the meeting was “April Fools Day – Fun Kick-off – No Foolin’.” Rocki had a fun time with today’s theme—she even told jokes! She had Sam Wong and Chris Foley describe their roles as Timer and Grammarian/Ah Counter respectively. Both pros did a great job, as usual. It is always helpful when each of us is singled out and in the report reminded about our crutch words that we use.

Maureen Bastedenbeck, Speaker #1, fulfilled Speech #7 from the Competent Communication Manual, Research Your Topic. Her speech was entitled “Foolin’ Around on April Fools Day?” She definitely researched the topic. She rarely had to look at her notes when she was sharing facts and dates. It was a very fun and informative speech.

David Tabora, Speaker #2, fulfilled Speech #6 from the Competent Communication Manual, Vocal Variety. His speech was titled “Toastmasters, An Opportunity To Improve.” We can see the improvement David has made during the last 6 months as a Toastmaster. A couple of examples are his volume and slowing down as he speaks, which are important for people like me with hearing challenges.

Rocki made an announcement that Charter Member Judy Castellon turned in her letter of resignation and this would be her last meeting. As we all sat there in shock and disbelief with tears forming, Rocki yelled “April Fools” which brought laughter and relief. PHEW! After we were composed, she introduced Judy as the Table Topics Master. The word of the day was “Foolish.” Connie, Binh and Terry answered the questions. Binh won after relating his prank regarding “I Don’t Know.”

General Evaluator, Rowena, called up Lucy Kaye who evaluated Maureen’s speech and Binh who evaluated David’s speech. Both did excellent evaluations with positive feedback, as well as making a few suggestions.  Rowena thanked those who brought refreshments to our FUN meeting.

President, Chris Foley, made a few announcements. Everyone was encouraged to bring guests this month.

Respectfully submitted,

Rowena Donaldson

Attending Members: Judy Castellon, Maureen Bastedenbeck, Lucy Kay, David Tabora, Rajan Varadharajan, LaVonne Catron, Sam Wong, Chris Foley, Binh Nguyen, Rocki Chaparro, Connie Vieira.

The meeting started on time with the Sergeant of  Arms David Tabora, leading us in The Pledge of Allegiance and introduction of President Chris Foley. Chris introduced the Toastmaster of the day Judy Castellon.

Maureen Bastedenbeck was Timer/Vote Counter and Lucy Kay was Grammarion.

David Tabora was Speaker #1 and fulfilled # 5 in the C.C. Manual,  Your Body Speaks. A lot of good points on “The Practice of a Good Listener and Conversationalist .”

Up next was Rajan Varadharajan as Speaker #2. His speech was from the C.C.  Manual-2- Organize Your Speech. Title of Speech,  “Driving in The Rain”. Very interesting !

Judy Castellon was also our Word of the Day/Table Topics person of the day, as Terry Lee Donaldson had an emergency situation and couldn’t do her roll. Judy did a great job. Rocki Chapparo won the Ribbon for her Word of the Day speech.

Sam Wong was Evaluator for David Tabora, Speaker #1, while Chris Foley was Evaluator  for Rajan Varadharajan who was Speaker #2. LaVonne Catron was the GeneraEvaluator.

Everyone did great ! In closing Judy Castellon passed the meeting over to the President Chris Foley.

PS. I’d like to remind every one to pay their Club Dues, if possible, That’s $40.00, Thank you.

Respectfully Submitted,
LaVonne Catron